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Minimum test batch: 3000 tonnes - 1 ship

Flour wholesale from $ 295
Grain wholesale from 220 $

Minimum test batch: 3000 tonnes - 1 ship

Delivery terms: Incoterms 2010 - CIF | ASWP

Any safe port in the world

Payment of the commission, $ 2 per metric ton of intermediary

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Your benefits


The price below $ 150 - $ 230 than on the London Commodity Exchange

Payment: Top 50 banks in the world

SBLC - standby letter of credit, DLC - Documentary Letter of Credit, BG - Translated bank guarantee

Quality + Quantity:

Checks by SGS (Switzerland) at the port of loading or port of discharge


2% (Performance Bond), is the law of the seller for failure to fulfill its obligations under the contract


Cargo insurance for 110% of the cost, is included (value of the goods + transport costs) by Seller

Mediator commission

Payment Commission, $2 per metric ton of the intermediary, the contract IMFPA & NCNDA

Grain prices are valid until 31 December 2016

Payment (top 50 banks in the world): SBLC, DLC or BG

The work process


Flour GOST R 52189-2003 | Grain wheat class 2-3-4-5

Note on terminology:

International Trade ICC (France)

ICC (France) - is the International Chamber of Commerce.
USP 600 - This Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit (SBLC / DLC).
INCOTERMS 2010 – this international rules used in international trade.
CIF - international commercial terms (Cost, Insurance and Freight).
ASWP - is any safe port in the world.
SBLC, DLC и BG - this standby letter of credit, documentary credit and bank guarantee in translation.
TOP 50 banks - a list of the 50 largest banks in the world.
SGS (Switzerland) - is a company providing services in inspection, verification and certification.
Perfomans Bond - it is a legal guarantee of the contract.
ICUMSA 45 - it is the International Committee for sugar analysis, where 45 - the number of purity flour.
LOI - it is (letter Of Intent) the purchase of goods produced by the buyer on the official form with the details of the company and signed.
      LOI - which do not meet these requirements, counted as invalid.
SCO - It is a soft corporate offer, releasing the seller to the buyer.
ISPO - is irrevocable corporate purchase order of goods, with full legal responsibility.
IMFPA (on the Commission) & NCNDA (non-disclosure) - is a contract between a seller and an intermediary who is exhibiting after the buyer's bank SWIFT.

Company work procedure according to the rules of the International ICC trade:

How it works?

Part № 1.

1. Seller provides: Personal Offer + template LOI.
2. Buyer issues: completed LOI.
    LOI - it is letter of intent which reported on the purchase of goods.
    LOI - produces the buyer on official letterhead from the company details, the stamp and signature.
    LOI - that do not meet these requirements, are counted as invalid.
3. Seller provides: Soft Corporate Offer (SCO) + Template ISPO.
4. Buyer issues: completedISPO.
ISPO - is irrevocable corporate purchase order, with full legal responsibility.

Part № 2.

5. Seller provides: completed contract > to sign a buyer.
6. Buyer issues: signed a contract within the next 48 hours. Sends Application and Contract on the issue of the SWIFT (the value of one month). Buyer Bank confirm Bank of the Seller Release SWIFT, for up to three (3) working days.
7. Bank Seller lets POP (documents) and 2% Perfomans Bond (the cost of one month) for up to 15 days and send to the buyer.
8. Delivery and forwarding will start immediately under the contract.
9. Seller + Mediator: enter into a contract NCNDA (non-disclosure) & IMFPA (on the commission), after the release of the buyer's bank SWIFT.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can I get the analysis of grain?

It is possible on request

2. You can get the flour quality analysis?

It is possible on request

3. Can I pick up the flour and grain on CIF?

Possible if agreed in the contract

Four guarantees:

your protection against fraud and to obtain sugar to the buyer port

You are worried that the contract will not be executed

  The contract has a point: 2% (Perfomans Bond) - is a legal guarantee of the seller is not the execution of the contract concluded.   You will receive 2% of the contract price if the seller fails to perform it

If you want to see your flour

  SGS company controls the execution of the contract and guarantees the quality and quantity of the goods

If you are worried about the loss of money

  Insurance at 110%, it includes: goods + logistics + 10% of the contract value

If you want to avoid the risks of buying grain

  Sold works according to the rules of international trade, and provides payments perfomends Bonds fail to fulfill contract

Great success: Reviews

That such results have made our customers and intermediaries (agents)!

Company: International Trading Company

Position: Director
Spot (disposable delivery): 12 500 MT (April 2015)

Review: In Kostanay Grain Export Company, I found the best conditions (price, payment and warranty).

Company: Sweets Alexandria Ltd

Position: Head division purchasing
1 month (test batch) + 12 500 x 12 months (February 2015 - February 2016).

Review: The first batch we took a test, to see the work of the company. All liked it! Recommended.

Company: Beijing Kaitong ZhuoErZuan Ltd

Position: Senior manager
Contract: 25 000 x 12 months (November 2014 - October 2015)

Review: We have been negotiating for a long time and got a better offer. ​​​​​​​

Company: Not, soon will open his own company

Position: Agent - intermediary from Karachi, Pakistan
25 000 x 12 months (March 2016 - February 2016) - organized contract in Port of of Karachi (Pakistan) with our company.

Review:I helped to sign a contract with a large company in Saudi Arabia (she wants to be unknown). Now I get a fee of $ 2 per tonne per month contract IMFPA & NCNDA. August 2016 (6 months) will receive $ 300,000. Thank you for your honesty!

Leadership company:




Assistant director


Commercial Director


Chief Accountant

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